Mastering Wunjo in Midgard

I think this method is a great tool because ultimately it’ll bring mastery in Midgard – which is our physical realm. I plan to use it in conjunction with shamanic & oracular work.

I will not discuss here the meanings of each Rune because this type of information can already be found everywhere all over the internet (and there are also countless books written on the topic). But I’m all about inner work & inner alchemy, and anybody who’s been using the Runes for some time knows that their interpretation becomes more personal with practice.

However, I will help with the correspondences between each of the 9 worlds and our inner realms. The author’s own interpretation is very helpful but I don’t always agree with him on the meanings (as I said earlier, interpretation is personal):

Please keep in mind that this is a 2D representation of the Multiverse

  1. Midgard (in the Middle) represents the Physical Reality, the Earthly Plane {WUNJO}
  2. Vanaheim (in the North-West) represents the Realm where things take form, the Manifestation from the Etheric planes to the Earthly plane {PERTHRO}
  3. Asgard (in the North) represents the Moral Ground, one’s Ethics & Values – including one’s spiritual values {KENNAZ}
  4. LjosAlfheim (in the North-East) represents Social Interactions & Behaviors {INGUZ}
  5. Muspelheim (in the East) represents the Realm of Imagination & Possibilities, the Mind’s Potential, the Creative Unconscious {OTHILA}
  6. Niflheim (in the South-East) represents the Realm of the Ancestors, Dreams, Intuition & Primal Consciousness {BERKANA}
  7. Helheim (in the South) represents Death & Greater Consciousness {URUZ}
  8. SvartAlfheim (in the South-West) represents the Realm of Realm of Mystery, of one’s Shadow Side, Choices, Dark Potential & Dark Enchantments {NAUTHIZ}
  9. Jotunheim (in the West) represents the Realm of the Future/the Possible Outcome, the Consequences of our Planned & Unplanned Actions {SOWELO}

Source: “The Message In The Runes: A Compass Home” by Sirrom Noel Yhtomit

Happy Pathworking!

Quote of the Day

Leave the lights on stained glass - suicidebysafetypin

“People are like stained glass windows: They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.”
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Image Credit: “Leave the Lights On” by SuicideBySaftyPin (deviantart)

Tea Calendar Project – Poll Closed

I closed the “Tea Calendar” poll.
Only 47% of the visitors (and they were not legions) participated.
The results are the following:
YES 57.1%
NO 0%
MAYBE 42.9%
Considering those results, I won’t be publishing the calendar (unless I decide to make it a handmade side project on demand). I’ll offer downloadable illustrated pdf recipes instead. Thank you to those who participated.

Starting My Microgarden

Even though we are less active during Fall & Winter, the cooler/colder temperatures and the exposure to the elements often requires spending more energy doing things. Out body requires more nutrients to keep warm and functioning well (as in not getting sick).

That’s the reason why I like having a mini “vitamin” garden indoors during that time: I grow various sprouts, shoots & microgreens for nutrition & taste…And also because I find it fun and relaxing :).

Tea Throughout the Seasons


While I’ve been blending and drinking tea for a very long time, I recently became interested & curious about tea varietals…Which is a new world for me and for anyone going beyond the white, green & black teas.

Furthermore, and according to Chinese Medicine, you are supposed to drink certain teas at certain times of the year in order to attune the body (and its organs) with the elements & the seasons…Which makes sense to me. Each tea has a different energy, due to the terroir, how old the tree is, if it’s wild or cultivated, how the tea was dried/stored/fermented…And of course, you will like or dislike a tea depending on your own taste, needs, and “energetic compatibility”. You will not drink the same tea whether you are trying to meditate or focus on your work – you will have to choose your tea accordingly. I find the topic fascinating…

If you wish to know more on the topic, here’s a brief but interesting article:

Here are some fine tea purveyors for you to extend your palate, knowledge, and curiosity:

Happy brewing! 😉

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Tea Calendar Project

Evening tea

As I have probably mentioned here before, I used to create & sell my own tea blends. Tea has always been a passion of mine, and my favorite form of medicine. My teas were all hand blended with 100% organic ingredients. No flavors, aromas or fillers of any kind.

Then came other sellers who were less scrutinizing than me, offering things like “tropical island” or “strawberry shortcake” flavored tea, and using herbs without any knowledge of them. While I always put a word of caution for pregnant women, or people taking medications. So after I while…I gave up.

My regular customers were disappointed, of course, but I promised myself that one day, and one way or another, I would publish my recipes in a beautifully illustrated book. I wanted something as pretty as useful. I’m not there yet, but I can already start with a calendar.

So…I’m thinking about creating a wall calendar for 2018 that will include illustrated tea recipes of mine (former customers will most likely recognize some of their favorites). I plan to have it professionally printed. Each recipe will also be offered/sold individually as a ready-to-download pdf for people who are only interested in a few recipes (vs 12 – one for each month).

Could I please ask you the favor (as well as to anybody potentially interested) to take a couple minutes and let me know about your interest (or not) in my project? I would greatly appreciate it, and I thank you in advance.

Here’s the link: