Channeled Wisdom from The Sage

The Sage

Today, besides my daily drawing of Runes, I decided that I needed some extra information about the changes (subtle or not) occurring lately. Therefore, I reached to my Faeries’ Oracle deck, and I picked The Sage.

Of course, I read the verbiage┬áthat comes with this card and the somewhat obvious explanations that had to do with turning inwards, wisdom and inner knowledge. But there was a bit more in there, at least for me, like the notion of cultivating┬ádetachment – which I have seen mentioned a few times over the past few weeks.

And what is detachment, besides cutting the cords of everything that binds you to something or someone, of not letting anything or anyone having power over you? The answer is right in front of your face: true freedom!

So I channeled The Sage to see what else he had to reveal to me personally, and here’s what he said:

“You need to forgive yourself in order to forgive others. Only self-love and self-compassion can allow healing to take place and bring the detachment needed to allow you to move forward, but more importantly to move on.

You are preparing the ground for the next step in your life and one always reaps what one sows. How do you want your future harvest to look like if the seeds you’re sowing are unhealthy?

Take the time needed for your physical and emotional self to truly heal… Only then can something good and truly magical happen to you. It is worth the work and the wait…”

While I manage to practice detachment somewhat successfully (the “I don’t give a f### about anything” philosophy is oh so delightfully freeing), the self-forgiveness part (which I had also heard mentioned by a close friend of mine) will probably be the real challenge for me.

We often complain about the negative situations we find ourselves in, and we often forget that we have a part of responsibility in these situations because, at one point or another, we allowed them to happen (consciously or not) but we should keep in mind that it is/was a necessary step and experience for our evolutionary process and path.

Therefore I will make a conscious effort to try to apply the wisdom of The Sage in my life and current situation…

Working on the Blueprint of a RUNIC HEALING APPRENTICE COURSE

Of course, topics like Divination and Galdr will be covered, as well as Energy Work and Herbalism, but not exclusively.

Students will be able to choose to attend only one class (I will be covering 1 Rune per class) and come back for more…or not. Those who plan to come back for another class will be given some ‘homework’ to do.

A certificate of completion will be given to apprentices who have attended (and somewhat ‘mastered’) the 24 classes covering the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark.

I plan to start teaching this course by the end of September/beginning of October.

Rune secrets

Today’s Channelled Message

Artwork by Oriol Angrill

Artwork by Oriol Angrill

“Dark, Underground Goddesses are the ones who welcome, bless and heal women who suffer…So that they can return to the Light.”


Learning from the Fantasy Masters (Illustrators & Artists)

As far as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to Folk tales, the unseen & the unknown. This has naturally led me, throughout the years, to a spiritual path involving soil, plants, lore, the Otherworlds & the “Other Crowd”. I yearn for Magic, and each time I need to recharge my batteries I naturally turn back to my roots: teas, books, legends & art.

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve drawn or painted anything (at least anything worthwhile in my eyes). I’ve been trying to find the thing that makes me tick, the art medium or form that works for me…There is much beauty in the natural world and in people: colors, shapes, textures, patterns,…etc. And yet: it doesn’t inspire me more than that. It doesn’t make me vibrate. I need Magic to fully come to life, and Magic I can only find in the inner realms of my mind or by looking beyond the veil.

I’m not talking about Tinkerbells and sparkly unicorns. Nature has its own set of rules and the peoples who dwell in the various realms beyond our limited eyesight live according to these natural laws. They can be kind or harsh, helpful or tricksters. I have no problem with that, our own realm isn’t all black and white, there are many shades of greys…And my comfort zone begins where most people’s comfort zone usually ends…

With my paints, pencils & brushes, as well as my inner compass, I am on a journey that will ultimately lead me home…But not now for there is much that I still to do, and Robert Frost’s words come to mind once again: