Dear Friends,

This week’s reading is rather…Interesting! Especially with the upcoming Summer Solstice this week (and the New Moon as well, I believe…There will be a blog post on that topic). The Norns (Urd, Verdandi & Skuld) have accepted to assist me today in drawing the Runes. Each of them is carrying a different Rune.

Tscope June19 1.1

Now if you could please look at my friends here, and see which Rune draws your attention. That’ll be your Rune of the Week!

URD’s PICK (On the Left) is EIHWAZ:

Tscope June19 1.2

It’s been a heck of a ride lately but you still feel like you’re walking on a fragile piece of thread…And in the dark! Well, trust the Universe (and yourself) because there is a light at the end of your tunnel. The Gods are watching over you and that flimsy thread is paving the road to stability (incredible, isn’t it?). Sounds good, right? Well, you still gotta do your part: open your eyes and use all your senses. Look for the clues, opportunities, and synchronicities on the way. Acknowledge them, understand them (at least, try) but above all, follow them because they will take you to safety. If you chose to ignore them, well then remain in the dark. The choice is yours…


Tscope June19 1.3

Like is like playing dice: sometimes you’re lucky and you win, and sometimes…You don’t. But often, it’s just a matter of being at the right place at the right time for things to start happening. If you’ve been struggling lately, know that the Wheel of Fortune is turning and that the Norns may well start smiling at you. I’m talking strike of luck and providential help here. But don’t get too cocky, because they won’t like it. Now every gift bestowed has a shadow side. Ask yourself: what will you do with that gift/sudden luck? How well and wisely are you going to use it? Be aware that luck, money and other material/physical things can bring up some ugliness within you and/or your entourage. My advice to you: keep your head cool. Remain true to yourself and to your values. Be thankful for what you’ve been granted and use it well. Then, and only then, will you be able to fully appreciate that luck of yours.

SKULD’S PICK (On the Right) is SOWELU:

Tscope June19 1.4

You, better than anyone, know what is best for you. You have made the conscious choice to leave behind drama, unhappiness, problems, toxic people, ego,…etc. All that stuff that’s been weighing down on you for some time now. Know that you’re not being selfish here. You’re doing the right thing, it’s for your own sake! Now, you may occasionally hear those nasty little voices in your head, plaguing you with “what ifs”, second thoughts, or even a bit of nostalgia. Don’t listen to them! These are your inner demons playing topsy-turvy with your mind. Don’t fall prey to the illusions and delusions provided by your trickster self. Stick to your plan, keep moving forward. You’ll notice that as you are walking that the path starts appearing. Feeling a bit lost? Ask for guidance. Be sure to know what it is that you want in the first place, the Universe is here to help.

Tscope June19 1.5

Thank the Norns and have a good week!

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Runoscope of the Week (June 12th-June 18th 2017)

Dear Friends,

For this week’s forecast, I decided to use “The Rune Vision Cards” by Sylvia Gainsford & Howard Rodway. I love their artwork though I don’t quite agree with their interpretation, which seems more based on mythology than actual runic studies. As usual, I will show you 3 cards that you will quietly observe for a few seconds.

Tscope June12 1.1

Look closely at these 3 cards: which one are you drawn to?

CARD # 1 (On the Left):

Tscope June12 1.2

If you picked MANNAZ:

You can’t please everybody and you can’t be loved or appreciated by everybody either. So why are you trying so hard to fit in? Why are you trying so hard to be somebody you’re not? How is compromising your self (identity & values) working for you? From what I’m getting: not so great. In playing that popular guy/gal game, you have only managed to surround yourself with rather unreliable people, AKA the wrong crowd. These people are using you and you’re not seeing it…Or at least, you don’t want to see. It’s time to (re)define who you are, what your goals and values are…And to do some much needed Spring cleaning around you. You will notice once you’re done how much better you feel, and how much lighter the energy is. Then, and only then, you will able to attract positive people and new opportunities to you. It’s short term pain for long term gain, know it’s all worth it.

CARD # 2 (In the Middle):

Tscope June12 1.3

If you picked NAUTHIZ:

You are in the midst of a whole bunch of problems, worries, and obstacles. To the point that you can feel rather helpless in front of it all. This situation can be really intimidating and you don’t quite know how to tackle the problem(s) and where to start. Well, know that not everything is a dark as it seems: there is some light at the end of the tunnel so hang in there. You are on the verge of finding a solution and figuring things out. That ‘A-HA’ moment is coming your way, and with it, a huge sense of relief. The Winds of Destiny are turning, and this time, they are blowing in the right direction.

CARD # 3 (On the Right):

Tscope June12 1.4

If you picked TEIWAZ:

You are a very driven person, and you know what you want. But you also know that there are many ways to obtain what it is that you want, and that’s where things start to get blurry. Because in order to achieve your goals, you are willing to play dirty and forget about the rules. But you see Teiwaz is ruled by Tyr, God of (Divine) Justice and Order, who is watching you and wants to hold you accountable for your (wrong) doings. It appears that you chose to walk the less honorable road, you let yourself be misled, you ignored all the warning signs including the fact that your actions could have consequences (especially on other people). Now you find yourself plagued with anxiety because your conscience is kicking in. Know that it’s never too late to do the right thing. And Tyr the Merciful is extending his hand to you, thus giving you the opportunity to do just that.

June12 1.5

Have a wonderful week!

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Full Moon in Othila/Odal (June 2017) – Runic Medicine Wheel

We are currently in the Runic Month of Othila (until June 13th). Othila is one of those Runes that can be a little tricky to decipher. Of course, like most Runes, it has many meanings, but here I’d like to focus on the aspect(s) that spoke to me the most.


PART 1: Defining Othila

Othila is both a very earthy and mystical Rune, it’s derived from the old Norwegian word ‘od’ that means “extasy, inspiration”, and as such there is an obvious connection with the god Odin. Othila is often linked to fertility and fecundity. It is also connected with property, heritage of land & of material belongings. But those 2 aspects don’t interest me today, I didn’t connect with them.

What interests me is the metaphysical aspects of Othila: heritage (through the genes & DNA) of people’s values, inherited/innate qualities, and people’s gifts (healing, divination, art,…etc). There are all aspects that are passed down to use, whether we are aware of not. Of course, there are also less pleasant, less glorious and even dark things that can be passed down to us as well. Some of these things might date back to several generations, and often disturbing things and events were kept in the utmost secrecy almost in a desperate attempt to erase them not only from memory but from History as well. We tend to think that what one doesn’t know will not hurt. Well sometimes it’s just not the case, because what was not told was however encoded in the genes and is either being replayed again and again at each generation or is being awaken many generations later (this were Family Constellations can be very helpful, it’s a powerful tool to set oneself free from unknown circumstances). These darker traits can take many forms ranging from genetic diseases or mutations to irrational behaviors, and addictions (to name a few). Know that History doesn’t have to repeat itself, I’ll talk some more about that shortly.

Another aspect of Othila that we need to consider is the Karmic heritage, which is stemming either from our immediate past (you know these little or big mistakes that we make along the way) and/or what you’ve done in your past lives. I want you that while “Karma is a Bitch” and cannot be suppressed, it can, however, be acknowledged (which is the first step towards healing), modified, alchemically transmuted (yes your inner lead, that heavy compost pile of yours, can be transformed into gold if you decide to work on it), and even (re)negotiated. Remember that at each incarnation you are being given an opportunity to improve your self and refine your soul, and it’s never too late to start.

PART 2: Connecting with AND using Othila Energetically

In this short video, I will show you how to use the Runic posture of Othila, connect with its energy, and overlay breathing as well as Galdr (the chanting of the Rune).

Be aware that body postures, hand gestures and Galdr can be used for healing (as in therapy/medicine) as well, but this is not our purpose here today.

PART 3: The Medicine of Othila

A/The Inner Alchemy of Othila

Over the past few years, I’ve done a lot of inner work in order to transform myself and the world around me. My main tool, besides my deep faith that things would get better, was the Runes. I used them energetically (in pathworking and for manifestation) as Galdr, Stádhagaldr (Runic yoga postures), and Runic mudras. I also did some extensive divination work to help me make the right choices, and figure what was coming my way. I also used & studied Glennie Kindred’s book on Inner Alchemy, which is based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year, and that made a lot of sense to me.

We are now in the month of June, in less than 2 weeks the Summer Solstice will be upon us (it’ll be the Runic month of Dagaz, the topic of a future blog post). Alchemically speaking, we are talking about the phase of Calcination. It’s an important phase, and you’re about to understand why. To quote Glennie Kindred:

“Calcination is the alchemist’s choice to activate the inner journey, and in this choice the ego and the will power become integrated with the desire for inner understanding and spiritual growth. Essentially through this choice the ego begins a journey to transform itself, to transcend the limitations, attachments and boundaries, and to expand upon the Limitless, the Infinite, Eternal Spirit.

The experience of Calcination, the alchemy of spiritual transformation, is symbolized by the Salamander, a mythical creature that lives in Fire. It thrives in it and revels in the transformation and change it creates. Other mythical Fire creatures are the Fire Dragon and the Phoenix, both symbols of transformation and rebirth. The Fire Dragon hatches from a golden egg and the Phoenix rises from the ashes of the old.

Although the Calcination experience can be consciously chosen, it can also be thrust upon us through all the life’s trials and tribulations, known as ‘Trial by Fire’. Also not easy at the time, these are out life lessons, the growth experiences through which we learn and develop our spiritual awareness and inner wisdom. The ego is humbled in the process and this helps us to develop integrity.”

What is the connection with Othila? The Phoenix holds the key. He first sets himself on Fire to burn away the old and strip away was is no longer needed (the wrong or false beliefs, the stories that we tell ourselves and others, the masks that we put on, the things we pretend…). In order to purify himself and retain only the true, the pure & deep essence of who/what he is at his core, the Phoenix needs to burn it all to ashes (that’s the Othila phase) before being reborn once more bigger, better & brighter than before (that’s the Dagaz phase, associated with the Summer Solstice). The ashes connect us with the ground, with our roots, with our values, with our heritage, with our Ancestors. The ashes are full of promises for what is to come in the next phase. Ashes feed to the soil, makes it fertile again. A healthy, fertile ground will allow you to grow, thrive and bloom into a better person and a better version of your current self. So take a moment to meditate and visualize what you no longer want in your life, what doesn’t suit you anymore, how you no longer want to be perceived…And turn it all to ashes!

B/Othila & the Elder Tree

One of the first plant I connected to as a budding herbalist was the Elder tree. There was one growing in my backyard, probably due to the proximity of the woods. Such a fascinating plant. It’s been used medicinally for more than a thousand years and was called “the medicine chest of the country people”, and will surely continue to bless us & heal us for a thousand more! While there’s a lot I could say about the ‘physical’ medicine of the Elder (that, itself, would require a blog post on its own), here I will focus on the metaphysical and esoteric properties of this plant.

In Celtic lore, the Elder was considered as the tree of regeneration (once again death & rebirth, very Phoenix-like), and associated with the Otherworld (the Sidhe). In Germanic and Northern lore, the tree is associated with Frau Holle (the German name of the Elder is Holunder) and Hel/Hela, Goddess of the Underworld (Realm of the Dead & the Ancestors).

In the Summer the tree is covered with creamy-white lacy flowers, then later towards the Fall, either black berries or blue berries (depending on where you live). If you wish to harvest your own medicine, just make sure you’re able to correctly identify your Elder, as any mistake could have consequences. If you’re not 100% sure then refrain from harvesting it. Dried Elder blossoms & berries are pretty easy to acquire these days.

However know that the Elder Crone demands to be treated with the utmost respect, as she can bestow both blessings and curses. I recommend that you connect with the Spirit of your local tree and its energy before even thinking about harvesting its medicine. The Lady will let you know if and when you are allowed to pick some.

C/How to Prepare the Medicine

Elder blossom tea

Now that we are energetically connected with Othila, let’s connect spiritually with the Rune.

In my view the oldest form of medicine on Earth, and the easiest one to prepare is tea. So we’re going to prepare an Elder blossom infusion as a little ritual to prepare us for the journey that will follow.

O’teala for One:

Boil one cup of water, then infused 1 teaspoon of dried Elder blossoms with the still hot water for about 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy (add a little bit of honey if necessary).

Sip your tea slowly, it will help you relax and prepare you mentally & spiritually for what follows.

D/How to Use the Medicine

This little exercise if for you to meet up with your Ancestors. It can be adapted to whatever spiritual medium works best for you: guided meditation, shamanic journey, lucid dreaming,  automatic writing or even oracle cards.

Set your intention(s) before you start: you may have a specific question to ask them or maybe just want to ask for their blessings on your journey. There is always a chance for the unexpected to happen during journeys like the warning of an imminent danger, or the legacy of a gift for example. Whatever happens, the information is yours and you can choose what to do (or not do) with it. It is also possible that the given information will not make sense currently but in the following weeks or months to come.

For guided meditations, start in an Elder Grove in the midst of which you will meet your Ancestors. For shamanic journeys, go down to the Underworld below the roots of the Elder tree. Whatever the method you are using, know that the Elder tree is a tree of protection so you should be safe. Don’t forget to thank your Ancestors before returning to the Middle World, and to keep a record of your findings for the future.





“Les Runes – Ecriture Sacrée en Terre du Milieu” by Julie Conton

“The Northern Shamanic Herbal” by Raven Kaldera

“Earth Alchemy – A Dynamic Fusion Between Alchemy and the Eight Celtic Festivals” by Glennie Kindred

“Herbal Rituals” by Judith Berger


Picture Credits:

Featured image with the tree from Love Has Won

Elder blossom tea picture from Livestrong

Runoscope Forecast June 5th to June 11th 2017/ Runoscope du 5 au 11 Juin 2017 (BILINGUAL FRENCH/ENGLISH POST)


Dear Friends,

Before we start I’d like to thank all the people who came to yesterday’s Metaphysical Meetup at the Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness (hopefully there will be many more), and more specifically people who decided to stop by to get their Runes read. Knowledge is power, please use that knowledge wisely.

Chers Amis,

Avant de commencer, je voudrais remercier tous les gens qui sont venus hier à la petite foire métaphysique organisée par the Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness (espèrons qu’il y en aura beaucoup d’autres), et plus particulièrement ceux et celles qui se sont arrêtés à mon stand pour que je leur lise les Runes. La connaissance est un atout qu’il faut savoir utiliser avec sagesse.

Since Runes are my specialty, this week’s Tarotscope is going to be in fact a Runoscope. Same rules as usual: I will show you the back of 3 cards that you will quietly observe for a few seconds. The card you will be drawn to is the card that will apply to you & your life. For this reading, I used the “Rune Magic Cards” by Donald Tyson.

Comme les Runes sont ma specialité, le Tarotscope de cette semaine sera en fait un Runoscope. Les règles sont les mêmes que d’habitude: je vais vous montrer le dos de 3 cartes que vous allez observer dans le calme pendant quelques secondes. La carte qui va attirer votre oeil sera celle qui s’appliquera à vous et à votre vie. Pour ce tirage, j’ai utilisé les “Rune Magic Cards” de Donald Tyson.

Tscope June5 1.1

Look closely at the 3 cards: which one are you drawn to?

Regardez ces 3 cartes: laquelle vous attire?

CARD # 1 (On the Left) / CARTE # 1 (A Gauche):

Tscope June5 1.2

If you picked HAGALAZ:

Prepare for a storm this week! One that will make you shiver and shake. One that can strip you from your certitudes, and turn your world upside down. In the realm of relationships (work, home or love): tensions, arguments, temptations, and betrayals are some of the items on the menu. You can be shaken to your core but you need to stay strong! Be cautious about what you say, who you say it to and who you surround yourself with. If you strategically wish to play it safe: remain in the background until the storm passes. But if you end up being caught up in the midst of it, know that this experience will make you grow and you won’t make the same mistakes twice…

Si vous avez choisi HAGALAZ:

Préparez-vous à affronter une tempête cette semaine! Une tempête qui va sacrémment vous secouer ainsi que vos certitudes, et qui va chambouler votre petit monde. Concernant les relations avec autri (travail, maison ou vos amours): tensions, disputes, tentations & trahisons sont au menu. Vous allez être remué(e) intérieurement mais il va falloir rester fort(e)! Faites attention à ce que vous dîtes, à qui vous le dîtes, et qui fait partie de votre entourage. Si vous souhaitez jouer la carte stratégie: restez en arrière-plan et attendez bien sagement que la tempête passe. Mais si jamais vous vous retrouviez malgré vous dans l’oeil du cyclone, sachez que cette experience va vous faire grandir et que vous ne commettrez pas deux fois la même erreur…

CARD # 2 (In the Middle) / CARTE # 2 (Au Milieu):

Tscope June5 1.3

If you picked NAUTHIZ:

You’re at a crossroad right now, dealing with circumstances that may be out of your control, and trying to balance your wants with your actual needs. It’s not a fun place to be and you might find yourself plagued with worries and anxiety. Try to remain calm and centered as much as possible. Know that this situation is only temporary, but while you’re waiting for the storm to pass you can proactively plan your next move. You are being guided and rest assured that help and relief are on their way but, meanwhile, you need to stay clear headed in order to make smart choices and decisions. Don’t let fear & worry cloud your mind, you’ll only add more fuel to the fire. Also, avoid impulsive decisions at all cost: they might bring some relief to your current situation, it would be only temporary and in the long run, what is happening will be bound to repeat itself so consider yourself warned!

Si vous avez choisi NAUTHIZ:

Vous êtes à la croisée des chemins, impliqué(e) dans une situation en dehors de votre contrôle, et vous essayez tant bien que mal de trouver l’équilibre entre vos envies et vos besoins réels. Ce n’est pas une situation agréable à vivre, je vous l’accorde, et il se pourrait que vous ressentiez des moments d’anxiété à cause de vos soucis. Mais sachez que cette situation n’est que temporaire et alors que vous attendez que la tempête passe, pensez à votre plan d’attaque. Vous êtes guidé(e) et soyez assuré(e) que de l’aide est en chemin, mais pour le moment il est important que vous gardiez l’esprit clair pour pouvoir faire les bons choix et prendre les bonnes decisions. Ne laissez pas la peur et les soucis vous brouiller l’esprit. Evitez également les decisions impulsives: bien qu’elles puissent vous apporter un certain soulagement, sachez que ce ne serait que temporaire et qu’en fin de compte l’histoire pourrait encore une fois se répéter. On vous aura prevenu!

CARD # 3 (On the Right) / CARTE # 3 (A Droite):

Tscope June5 1.4

If you picked GEBO:

Consider what makes you happy and what makes you feel balanced, whether in your relationships or at work. It is time to analyze your situation in all honesty and to address any issue or imbalance that doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle anymore. Don’t be afraid to face your own demons, they need to be dealt with before things get unmanageable! It might mean: walking away from a toxic person/relationship, moving on with your life, following a dream or a passion,…etc. What brings you joy is what you need to focus on, so follow your gut and do what feels right! For some of you this could be hard or painful at first, but in the long run you’ll be glad you did it! Know that you’re not alone wandering blindly in the wilderness, there is a path appearing as you go. And leaving the old will bring something new, including like-minded people.

Si vous avez choisi GEBO:

Réfléchissez à ce qui vous rend heureux, que ce soit dans vos relations ou au travail. Il est temps d’analyser votre situation en tout honnêteté et de prendre le taureau par les cornes en ce qui concerne problèmes et déséquilibres qui ne correspondent plus ni à votre façon d’être, ni à votre style de vie. N’ayez pas peur de faire face à vos demons, il faut s’en occuper avant que les choses empirent et deviennent ingérables! Concrètement cela veut dire: se libérer d’une personne ou d’une relation toxique, passer à autre chose, suivre un rêve ou une passion…etc. Ce qui vous apporte de la joie est ce qui doit faire l’objet de votre attention, alors suivez votre intuition et faîtes ce qui vous semble le juste choix! Pour certain(e)s d’entre vous cela peut être une expérience difficile ou douloureuse, mais dans quelques temps vous vous rendrez compte que c’était la bonne decision. Sachez que vous n’êtes pas seul(e) à avancer à l’aveugle dans la Nature, le chemin se dessine au fur et à mesure que vous avancez. Et le fait de se débarrasser de vos vieilles casseroles va faire de la place pour quelque chose de nouveau dans votre existence, cela inclut de nouvelles personnes qui vous ressemblent davantage.

Tscope June5 1.5

Have a wondeful week! / Passez une excellente semaine!

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Dear friends,

I’d like to apologize for the delay.Here’s our third tarotscope forecast. As usual, this is a general trend for the week, nothing precise. I will show you the back of 3 cards that you will quietly observe for a few seconds. The card you will be drawn to is the card that will apply to you & your life. This week I chose the “The Tarot of Marrakech” by Colleuil & Valadié. Shall we start?

Chers amis,

J’aimerais m’excuser pour le retard. Voici notre troisième tarotscope. Comme d’habitude, il s’agit d’une tendance générale pour la semaine, rien de très précis. Je vais vous montrer le dos de 3 cartes que vous allez observer dans le calme pendant quelques secondes. La carte qui va attirer votre oeil sera celle qui s’appliquera à vous et à votre vie. Cette semaine j’ai choisi “Le Tarot de Marrakech” de Colleuil & Valadié. Commençons…

Tscope May29 1.2

Look closely at the 3 cards: which one are you drawn to?

Regardez ces 3 cartes: laquelle vous attire?

CARD # 1 (On the Left) / CARTE # 1 (A Gauche):

Tscope May29 1.3

If you chose Card # 1:

3 of Urns: I say what I love, I love what you say

There are some things you’ve been dying to say but until now, you didn’t dare to. Now is a good time to express them. These are important things, they weigh on you and it’s not a good thing to keep them inside. Remaining silent can create an imbalance (on a physical, emotional and/or spiritual level) so dare to talk: whatever the topic or the importance of the matter, it has to come out! However, it’s important that the heart and the speech remain in harmony so choose your words wisely so that they don’t get misinterpreted and out of (your) control. Seek balance.

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #1:

3 de Théière: Je dis ce que j’aime, j’aime ce que tu dis

Il y a des choses que vous avez envie de dire, mais jusqu’à présent vous n’avez pas osé. Maintenant est un bon moment de les exprimer. Ce sont des choses importantes, des choses dont le silence vous pèse et il n’est pas bon de les garder à l’intérieur de vous-même. Garder le silence peut créer un déséquilibre (sur le plan physique, émotionnel et/ou spirituel) alors osez vous exprimer! Qu’importe le sujet ou l’importance de la chose, il faut que cela sorte! Cependant, il est important que le coeur et la parole soient en harmonie, alors choisissez vos mots sagement pour qu’ils ne deviennent pas des maux au-delà de votre contrôle. De cette manière, vous pourrez (re)trouver ou garder votre équilibre.

CARD # 2 (In the Middle) / CARTE # 2 (Au Milieu):

Tscope May29 1.4

If you chose Card # 2:

9 of Scimitars: Die in order to live!

This card is the equivalent of the Death card in tarot, but do not fear: this is only a symbolic death! Indeed, it reflects the achievement of something, a way of thinking or a way of being because you are evolving and as such, you are moving on to the next phase in your life. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished and celebrate yourself! And get ready to start something new because there are good things coming your way…

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #2:

9 de Cimeterre: Meurs pour vivre!

Cette carte est l’équivalent de la Mort au tarot, mais ne vous inquiétez pas car il s’agit juste d’une mort symbolique! En effet, elle reflète l’achèvement de quelque chose, d’un mode de pensée ou d’une façon d’être, car vous êtes en train d’évoluer et de passer à autre chose. Célébrez votre accomplissement et célébrez-vous! Apprètez-vous donc à passer à la phase suivante, il y a du bon qui se prépare…

CARD # 3 (On the Right) / CARTE # 3 (A Droite):

Tscope May29 1.5

If you chose Card #3:

10 of Mandalas: To be Master of Oneself and the Universe

This card invites you to use the physical & material world around you as a terrain of transition to move towards something else, something greater than yourself. You are on your way to self-realization, and a such, to become at last the master of your self and your environment. Vous have managed to transmute your inner lead into gold, in the manner of the alchemists. Congratulations! Wisdom, happiness and inner peace are within reach…

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #3:

10 de Mandalas: Etre maître de soi comme de l’univers

Cette carte vous invite à utiliser la matière et le monde physique qui vous entourent comme terrain de transition pour aller vers autre chose, vers le dépassement de soi. Vous êtes en train de vous réaliser et de devenir enfin maître de vous-même et de votre environnement. Vous avez transmuté votre plomb intérieur en or, à la manière des alchimistes. Félicitations! Sagesse, bonheur et paix intérieure sont à portée de main…

Tscope May29 1.6

Have a wondeful week! / Passez une excellente semaine!

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Dear Friends,

Here’s our second tarotscope forecast. It acts as a general trend for the week, nothing precise. I will show you the back of 3 cards that you will quietly observe for a few seconds. The card you will be drawn to is the card that will apply to you & your life. This week I chose the “The Green Man Tree Oracle – Ancient Wisdom from the Greenwood” by John Matthews & Will Worthington. Shall we start?

Chers amis,

Voici notre deuxième tarotscope. C’est une tendance générale pour la semaine, rien de très précis. Je vais vous montrer le dos de 3 cartes que vous allez observer dans le calme pendant quelques secondes. La carte qui va attirer votre oeil sera celle qui s’appliquera à vous et à votre vie. Cette semaine j’ai choisi “The Green Man Tree Oracle” de John Matthews & Will Worthington. Commençons…

Tscope May22 1.2

Look closely at the 3 cards: which one are you drawn to?

Regardez ces 3 cartes: laquelle vous attire?

CARD # 1 (On the Left) / CARTE # 1 (A Gauche):

Tscope May22 1.3

From Sacrifice Comes Restoration

If you chose Card # 1:

There are times in life when Destiny nudges us to make choices, and in this case, to let go (of something or someone). The Elder tree here, asks us to set aside something we value in a sacred way. This is something that needs to be done mindfully: not out of fear, anger or superstition. The Elder knows that letting go is never easy, but know that when you accept and make the conscious choice to part with something (or someone), another blessing is on its way. Have faith in Life and in the Universe, and trust that this sacrifice, as painful as it is, will not be in vain…

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #1:

Il y a des moments dans la vie où le Destin vous force à faire des choix, et dans ce cas précis, de laisser aller (quelqu’un ou quelque chose). Le Sureau nous demande de mettre à l’écart quelque chose qui a grande valeur à nos yeux et d’une manière sacrée. C’est quelque chose qui doit être fait en toute conscience et non pas par peur, colère ou superstition. Le Sureau sait que de lâcher prise n’est jamais facile, mais quand vous acceptez et faîtes le choix conscient de laisser partir quelque chose (ou quelqu’un), une autre bénédiction est dejà sur le chemin. Ayez foi en la Vie et dans l’Univers, et sachez que ce sacrifice, aussi douloureux qu’il soit, ne sera pas en vain…

CARD # 2 (In the Middle) / CARTE # 2 (Au Milieu):

Tscope May22 1.4

Where All are Gathered Strength is Strongest

If you chose Card # 2:

Being independent is a great asset but there are times when doing things on your own isn’t beneficial. Humans are social creatures and there are many reasons why we might want to seek the company of others. Whether is is for inner strength, comfort, sharing knowledge or a bit of wisdom, you are being asked by the Aspen to mingle with other people: there is a lesson here for you to be learned, which is itself the greatest wealth.

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #2:

Etre indépendant est un atout mais il y a des moments où faire les choses en solo n’est pas très benefique. Les humains sont des créatures sociales and il y a plein de raisons pour lesquelles nous pourrions rechercher la compagnie des autres. Que ce soit pour trouver du courage, du réconfort, partager des connaissances ou un brin de sagesse, le Tremble vous demande de bien vouloir vous mélanger aux autres: il y a ici pour vous une leçon à apprendre, et c’est là la plus grande des richesses.

CARD # 3 (On the Right) / CARTE # 3 (A Droite):

Tscope May22 1.5

A Good Beginning leads to a Good Conclusion

If you chose Card #3:

You are given the opportunity for a fresh new start. This is a gift from the Universe (and the Birch) and you want to make sure to make the best out of it. Approach the task with care, plan thoroughly, and stay on track. With a good start, you are almost guaranteed that whatever you are undertaking will end up well.

Si vous avez choisi la Carte #3:

On vous donne ici l’opportunité d’un nouveau commencement. Ceci est un cadeau de l’Univers (et du Bouleau), donnez-vous donc les moyens d’en bénéficier pleinement. Retroussez vos manches, planifiez en details et n’allez pas vous perdre en chemin. Avec des fondations solides, votre nouveau projet est pratiquemment garanti de réussir.

Tscope May22 1.6

Have a wondeful week! / Passez une excellente semaine!

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