Energetic shifts, an increased number of synchronicities, a greater awareness & understanding of the patterns/of what’s going on, mental rewiring & acceptance of what is and of what is about to unfold…It all leads to change. Change is inevitable. Change is good. I welcome & embrace it…


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A natural follow-up to the article “Purifying the Dancing Waters, the Water of Life and the Water of Death”.

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Compilation & additions by Phoenix of Elder Mountain –A Melusine is a twin-tailed siren and mermaid, associated with numerous stories and legends, and is imbued with symbolic meaning in alchemy. The most common iteration of the Siren is Melusine from medieval legend. Melusine (sometimes, Melusina) was, according to legend, beautiful woman with a disturbing tendency to transform into a Serpent and this nature triggers chaos and calamity. One of the stories is the famous French Folktale:

Melusine was the daughter of Pressina a full-fledged water fairy and the daughter of a mortal man, King Elinas (or King Helmas) wasn’t always a mermaid serpentine creature. According to the myth and legend stories, she was stricken with this ailment or condition after her mother found out what Melusine did to her father, King Elinas.

King Elinas had met Pressina at the “fontaine de la soif” (Fountain of Thirst) and fell madly in love with…

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At the heart of the HedgeWalking path is a state of being which for a long time I’ve called ‘falling into the land’s dreaming’. Whenever I use the term, I’m asked what I mean by it. What is the land’s dreaming, and how do you fall into it? Well, it’s all a bit of a long story, but I’ll have a go.

What I mean by the land’s dreaming is its ongoing story, its aliveness, its process of becoming – all of those things bound up together, inseperable. I prefer to use the word ‘dreaming’ rather than ‘story’ in this respect, because to me it conveys more than narrative – it conveys a sense of being, a sense of becoming, and a sense of creation. We talk about ‘dreaming things into being’, and that’s maybe as close as I can come to expressing what I mean. The land is dreaming…

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…And making an old dream of mine come true ;).