Folklore: La Corberelle & the Slavic Navky

Back in Winter 2012, I had published a book of fantasy inspired short stories in French (that I promised myself I would translate into English one day, or even better, publish a bilingual book).

In my tale ‘La Corberelle(without giving the whole story away) I wrote about a sinister bird that comes back from the dead to haunt (and eventually punish) unfaithful lovers. This bird came out of my imagination, as I know nothing about Slavic folklore & beliefs. Not to mention that my story takes place somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

I found, totally by chance, a similar creature mentioned in “L’Elféméride : Le grand légendaire des saisons by Pierre Dubois & Rene Hausman, called in Slavic folklore: the Navky. Apparently, ‘Navkies‘ are the ghosts of young children who died before being baptized or killed by their own mother. They wander around, crying and shivering until they find a nice soul that will bless them or welcome them in their house where they become protective spirits of the household.

But if they are being neglected or turned away, the Navkies’ grief can turn to hatred. If it were the case, they would hang out in trees (sometimes in the guise of an ominous black bird) staring at the people who denied them and flying at those same people to take away their cold heart (a bit like vampires).


Going Back to the Roots, Where Treasures Lie…

When you start delving into the rich folklore & ancient beliefs of the Alps and parts of Europe, you quickly will encounter the many-faceted Goddess(es) of old. Clues are found all over the land, the mountains and in architecture.

This is the real deal! The good & the bad, the Ancestors, the Forces & Cycles of Nature…

Nothing to do with the cutesy, new-agey goddess stuff we’ve been delivered. If indeed you wish to connect with the Goddess energy, go back to the roots and get ready to do some deep & grounded transformational work…

As much as my German is rusted, I have found among German books real treasures that haven’t been translated neither in French nor in English…And with topics that were unknown to me (even in herbal healing).

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I'm at the end of a cycle, I've had countless clues over the past few weeks. Transitioning to something new, whatever that is it'll be good. I welcome change with open arms for I have no fear of the unknown. Divination is a helpful tool, so is trusting oneself… It took me a long time to find my voice and define/create my own tradition (which is evolving with me). I work alone, which is both a blessing and a curse. For a long time I looked for mentor or a group where I would belong but nothing fit the bill… And I'm glad because this freedom of simply being without a label allowed me to expand my horizons and try many things… But then of course it was a longer road to get to where I am today. I found no mentor, no guru, but I found myself and many answers. Because in the end what you seek is seeking you and you already have all the answers somewhere inside. The trick is to listen, to feel, to trust (oneself), to let things come to the surface from your unconscious to your conscience, to let them spill out in the physical world, follow the breadcrumb trail, interpret the signs and watch things unfold… Then you can share/ teach what you've learned to whomever is willing to listen, to whomever is willing to get involved, to whomever is following his/her own personal legend… #changeisgood #vintagewisdomoracle #fearless

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