Coming Soon: Runic Essences

Since I like vibrational remedies so much (and believe me, they do work – the effects vary in time and intensity from one individual to another because we all have a different blueprint, different issues to work on, and different goals), I have decided to take my practice one step further in making my own Runic Essences. These essences won’t be for my own use exclusively, I’ll have them in my Etsy shop as well for whoever in interested in studying and/or working with the Runes.

What is the purpose of these Runic Essences?

  1. They will help with deepening one’s connection with one or more Runes.
  2. They can help bring more insight into one’s practice (divination or else).
  3. They will facilitate inner & transformational work (turning the inner lead (often by facing the shadow side) into gold)
  4. They can also facilitate self-healing (emotional and spiritual mainly, though we often experience the symptoms physically) on an energetic/vibrational level

I will be preparing these essences following the Runic Wheel of the Year, and since the Runic month of FEHU is coming to an end, my first essence will be URUZ. This is artisanal work, so please be aware that I prepare my essences in small batches. I also plan to have more specific Runic Essences: for protection, and such. Upon request, I can also create “personalized” essences, specifically for one’s needs and uses – in that case, just contact me privately.

I’ll keep you posted…

Rhodochrosite and Sapphire Gemstone Essence to Deal with Karmic Issues

I’ve made flower essences before (though I don’t just use flowers, it find this to be too restrictive) but I hadn’t made crystal or gemstone essences until yesterday…Probably because I’m more of a herb lady. I won’t go through my path and personal evolution again but I have become quite enamored with vibrational remedies and esoteric herbalism. Plants can heal body, mind, heart, and soul but the way of preparing them will depend on the uses and expected results. I guess I’ve already done all the physical self-healing that I could and mostly through nutrition. But I’m digressing…

Yesterday was the Full Moon in Capricorn and in Fehu. Since I’m setting up on a new adventure, I figured that it was the right time to finally prepare this gemstone essence. I had everything already: stones, water, bottles, brandy. A few months ago I came to the realization that the major element (in this case a person) that was holding me back in life and preventing me from flying free and fulfill my purpose was stemming from karmic entanglement.

I’ve done a huge transformational work over the past few years in order to ditch my inner lead and turn it into gold. Two things have helped me a lot: vibrational remedies (plant and gemstone essences) as well as my beloved Runes, which have taught me a lot – reason why it is now time for me to share and teach what I know.

Now back to the gemstone essence: I picked rhodochrosite and sapphire (a Virgoan stone) because they could possibly do what Runes and plants can’t do for me in dealing with karmic issues specific to me. Since I don’t know the chemical composition of these 2 stones and whether or not they leach toxic compounds once in contact with water, I chose to go with indirect exposure by placing the stone in a glass container within the water container. The essence was exposed both to the Sun and the Moon and I could tell that it was quite potent just by holding the container.

What are Rhodochrosite’s benefits? According to Nicholas Pearson:

“Rhodochrosite brings freedom of spirit to its owner. Fine, gemmy pieces of rhodochrosite display an orangey, red-to-pink color that vitalizes the energy field enough to break free from restricting patterns. It brings joy, freedom, and mirth when used in crystal healing, and it helps to nourish and encourage the inner child…It eases the emotional side of the karmic pattern, thereby making it easier to let go and move on…”.

There’s more, of course, I only mentioned the part that interests me here.

As for Blue Sapphire, Elizabeth E. Botchis wrote a rather long chapter about it in her book “Awakening the Holographic Human”:

“Blue Sapphire resonates with the throat chakra. It assists the throat chakra to open up to the infinite void of space and the eternal rhythms of time. It supports the throat chakra to transcend boundaries and yet communicate and define space and time relative to the development of one’s individual consciousness.

Sapphire also resonates with the planetary frequencies of Saturn. It is a slow, steady, powerful planetary influence that carries the authority of ancient wisdom. The gem cultivates the virtues of compassion, selfless service, maturity, accountability, and loyalty. Blue Sapphire reinforces the Saturnian influence that guides one to see the unifying and potent truth in practical reality. It opens the channel of communication for the heart to find its voice and purpose through the throat.

Blue Sapphire attunes a person to his or her inner mystical nature and encourages perseverance to accomplish one’s goals. The gem activates the inner gifts of the soul and supports the manifestation and expression of the individual’s soul attributes. The gem assists in grounding one’s personal and cosmic talents in a practical manner that will yield a deep sense of satisfaction. Blue Sapphire cultivates a steady and constructive disposition that authenticates one’s commitment to dharma, or purpose…”

Needless to say that I highly recommend her book and I have high hopes about this homemade essence. Changes with vibrational remedies are often subtle but they occur daily so using this essence will probably have an impact on my work (intuitive and practical) in the weeks to come.


“Crystals for Karmic Healing – Transform Your Future by Releasing Your Past” by Nicholas Pearson (Foreword by Judy Hall)

“Awakening the Holographic Human – Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness” by Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD

Full Moon Guidance (July 2017): Fehu & Solitude

Today we had our first Runic Meditation at the Wilderness Park. Though it was a hot day, we were blessed to find the outdoor amphitheater under the shade of tall pine trees.

Things went well. I introduced the Rune FEHU (1st of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark), and discussed its divinatory meaning and spiritual uses (as always with an emphasis on self-knowledge, inner alchemy & transformational work). I explained my take on the posture (also known as Stadhagaldr), energetic breathwork and how to overlay the Galdr (chanting or whispering) in order to deeply connect with Fehu. We ended our gathering with a meditation to retrieve a more personal meaning or message for each of the attendees. If you wish to be part of our next gathering (which will take place 2 weeks from now), you are welcome to join our Meetup group HERE.

Now let’s talk about Fehu some more. Well, it’s a Rune that is traditionally connected with growth, wealth and the material world. Fehu means “cattle”, which in Germanic tribes were both food (and therefore a mean for survival) and a currency. Some scholars speculate that Fehu was a later addition to the alphabet, since cattle were introduced during the Neolithic revolution – as opposed to the following Rune URUZ (the auroch: which was their wild, undomesticated relative) which obviously has a more ancient connection (for that reason I tend to believe that the alphabet was initially UTHARK, and that the Runes could date back to the last Ice Age). But Fehu and Uruz have a very different energy – Fehu is a somewhat harmonizing Rune.

If I had to define it in one sentence, it’d be “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Mysteries of the Gods and the Universe.” Why? Because Fehu invites us to look inwards for our inner wealth and our inner resources, which combined with the outer material resources available to us, will support our growth and the materialization/manifestation of our vision, goals, and dreams. It’s all about finding or re-establishing balance because as helpful as material wealth is in terms of survival and personal well-being, one’s true wealth lies inside.

This Full Moon has a very earthy side because it’s in Capricorn so it’s a good time to ground ourselves as well as our personal goals. Let’s analyze them in an objective way: are these goals and dream realistic and feasible or just wishful thinking? How can I make them real? What do I need to shed in order to make them happen?

In your quest for clear and honest answers, Solitude (the card above) is the key. Take the time necessary to rest and recharge your batteries, because you need clear thoughts, strong will, and energy (URUZ) to make things happen. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll get there slowly but surely, one step at a time. Pay close attention to your dreams and your intuition as they may hold some important clues. The night is an ally (notice the Moon, the Owl and the Moths on the card) so why not try some moon gazing? And who knows, the breeze might whispers things into your ears in a language more ancient than silence…



Lady’s Mantle/Alchemille: There’s no such Thing as a Coincidence

Several years ago, I had a small business selling artisan tea blends (still have tons of recipes that I need to compile into a book somehow). And the name I chose for my business was Alchemille’s Garden. I knew back then that Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris) was a ladies’ herb and that the alchemists used to collect dew drops on the plant’s leaves for their concoctions (hence the name).

This morning I was flipping through Raven’s Kaldera’s Northern Shamanic Herbal when I stumbled upon Lady’s Mantle, and learned a new tidbit about the magical uses of this plant:

“A protective herb for women who are nurturing sorts and are being taken advantage of or abused.”

Plants and animals don’t enter our lives just by chance, there’s really no such thing as a coincidence…

Runic Guidance of the Week (July 3rd-July 9th 2017)

Dear Friends,

We’re now in the Runic month of Fehu. I’ll be discussing Fehu in depth this weekend, for the New Moon in a proper blog post. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I’d like to invite you to my 1st Runic Meditation gathering this Saturday, July 8th. You’ll find more information about it HERE. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week. Remember that these cards/Runes represent general trends. If you’d like a more personalized reading regarding your situation, feel free to contact me privately.

Tscope Jul3 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope Jul3 1.2

If you picked WUNJO (on the Left):

When Wunjo shows up, something you’re been wanting and/or working on for some time is about to come to fruition. Joy and success are within reach! However don’t rejoice just yet: for the granting of your wishes one last effort is required from you. After all the effort and energy spent, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste! So focus and gather your self, your thoughts, your inner & outer resources (like helpful people) for the final unfolding which is the manifestation of your dreams. Don’t allow things or people to distract you and take you off track (even if you feel that you need or deserve a break), you’re worked too hard to let your goal/dream slip between your fingers. One last effort…Then watch the great unfolding and celebrate your accomplishment(s). Congratulations!

Tscope Jul3 1.3

If you picked ALGIZ (in the Middle):

If you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, know that this is the Universe’s way to tell you that you need a little break. There is nothing wrong about pausing and resting for a little way, sometimes it’s necessary. Within the silence and the unknown lies great potential. And now is the time for a renewal or mind, body and spirit. Know that you are gently being guided and protected. However, you will have to use your critical and analytical mind in order to discern what holds some potential to materialize in the physical world from what is mere fantasy. The mind can play tricks so stay grounded and choose the path you’re about to follow wisely.

Tscope Jul3 1.4

If you picked TEIWAZ (on the Right):

You have the power to create the life that you want. You have the power to make things real. Of course, it requires dedication and a strong will. There’s a reason why things take time: the journey is the destination. It may not be an easy journey but don’t lose faith or self-control. Better yet: surround yourself with peers, people who share similar values, hopes and/or dreams than you. This togetherness will give you the strength to keep going, and even move mountains if necessary…

Tscope Jul3 1.5

Have a great week, folks!

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If you live in the Los Angeles area, please consider joining my Runic Meditation Group on Meetup. We will have our first meeting this Saturday, July 8th at 11 am.

Details here:

Divination is an Ancient Art that used to be taken very seriously

“In Anglo-Saxon times, Runnymede was known as Rune-mede…the area of the casting of the runes. Historians have suggested that, for kings and chieftains, this area may have been a sacred place, significant for divination and auguries. Wizards who specialized in such rituals foretold the wealth of the land in the coming season, the health of kings and princesses, chiefs and warriors, and the likely outcomes of battles. The history of the area as a royal divination site may have been why it was chosen as a location for signing such an important document as the Magna Carta.”
~From “The Real Middle-Earth” by Brian Bates~

Runic Guidance of the Week (June 26th-July 2nd)

Dear Friends,

During this week we will be shifting from the Runic month of Dagaz to the month of Fehu. Different Rune, different energy. I’ll talk about Fehu in depth within the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Tscope June26 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope June26 1.2

If you picked FEHU (on the Left):

You’ve been through some rough seas lately, and this experience has caused you to learn some lessons the hard way. Know that everything happens for a reason and that those valuable lessons are necessary for your growth (personal or spiritual). You might feel a need for solitude, which is totally understandable, and only You know what you currently need & what is best for you. What you are currently experiencing is like a little rebirth (see my New Moon post on Dagaz) so follow your intuition & your gut feeling, they will act as an inner compass in the midst of some residual confusion. Self-knowledge is empowering and with more self-confidence comes a greater sense of focus. Fehu is about growth and wealth in its many aspects. So use your renewed energy and hard-won wisdom in a productive manner: whatever you dedicate your attention to will grow.

Tscope June26 1.3

If you picked PERTHRO (in the Middle):

The wheel is turning for you. After the time of challenges and uncertainty comes the time of luck and taking chances (see my New Moon in Dagaz post). You might still feel a little shaken from what happened to you so take a little time to gather yourself up and recover (emotionally especially). It’s ok to think again about this chain of events still fresh in your memory before moving on, but don’t let fear and worry get their grip on you again. The past is gone, and the future looks promising. Seek balance and harmony within yourself, your entourage and in your home/sanctuary. Be aware that we attract energetically what we project. New opportunities and/or relationships may flourish under Perthro.

Tscope June26 1.4

If you picked EIHWAZ (on the Right):

The Universe is telling you that it’s time to face the (wo)man in the mirror and deal with your shadow side. You can pretend as much as you want, this is all just a facade. You might be able to fool people, you might even be able to fool yourself into believing those sweet little lies you created in the first place…But you can’t fool the Universe! Now it’s time to face the good, the bad and the ugly AKA the hidden, the suppressed, the instincts and the desires. This could be a challenging time for you. But understand that in order to live an authentic and meaningful life you need to be your authentic self. Are you afraid that people might judge you? Those who truly love you and care about you will remain by your side, no matter what. Acknowledge your Darkness, accept it, and heal it by turning your inner lead into gold (weaknesses into strengths). Things take time, work on it one step at a time and be kind to yourself. Your good will and good intentions will be rewarded.

Tscope June26 1.5

Have a great week!

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New Moon Guidance (June 2017): Dagaz, The Navigator & The Fledgling

We are still under the influence of the Summer Solstice (which happened 2 days ago) and in the Runic month of Dagaz. We are now experiencing the 2nd phase of our alchemical Calcination (the 1st phase happened during Othila, see my Full Moon post on the topic): after examining and redefining our self, our set of values and our connection to our Ancestors, we are now ready to be reborn from our own ashes (best compost ever!). This “Phoenix phase” is what Dagaz is about.

A veil has been lifted and we are now experiencing a new, refreshed perspective on our self and on our life.

Dagaz combined with The Navigator indicates that we are now ready to take matters into our own hands and therefore the lead in our life. We have redefined who we are (during Othila) as well as the direction we wish to move toward with our life. With this new self comes a sense of confidence based both on skills and experience(s). We are not at the mercy of the Winds of Fate anymore (at least not completely). We know how to read and understand the signs that are leading us where we need to go. We speak the language of the mind aligned with the heart, and we are able to navigate and play around systems, rules, and norms in a way that suits us and our personal goal(s). Time to be bold and daring with this (re)new(ed) vision!

Dagaz is also combined with The Fledgling, who is here to rekindle our sense of adventure. This card gives us wings, literally. Its uplifting energy is here to help us reconnect with our inner child, our sense of curiosity and our enthusiasm. Ask yourself what is it that makes you happy? What makes your heart and your soul sing? What are you looking forward to? Once again, be daring! Don’t be afraid to take chances even if the little voices in your mind say that it is foolish…You might find yourself rewarded with unexpected, yet beneficial results. Your new, redefined self doesn’t need anybody’s approval…So just be! Who cares if your choices don’t fit social norms, expectations or traditions…You can create your own. They will come from the heart and will have a real meaning because they will be true to you. Be like a child: trust and take chances! “Your gift is a fresh start. Your resources are boundless.” (from The Slow Holler Tarot). So, enjoy the ride!

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Dear Friends,

This week’s reading is rather…Interesting! Especially with the upcoming Summer Solstice this week (and the New Moon as well, I believe…There will be a blog post on that topic). The Norns (Urd, Verdandi & Skuld) have accepted to assist me today in drawing the Runes. Each of them is carrying a different Rune.

Tscope June19 1.1

Now if you could please look at my friends here, and see which Rune draws your attention. That’ll be your Rune of the Week!

URD’s PICK (On the Left) is EIHWAZ:

Tscope June19 1.2

It’s been a heck of a ride lately but you still feel like you’re walking on a fragile piece of thread…And in the dark! Well, trust the Universe (and yourself) because there is a light at the end of your tunnel. The Gods are watching over you and that flimsy thread is paving the road to stability (incredible, isn’t it?). Sounds good, right? Well, you still gotta do your part: open your eyes and use all your senses. Look for the clues, opportunities, and synchronicities on the way. Acknowledge them, understand them (at least, try) but above all, follow them because they will take you to safety. If you chose to ignore them, well then remain in the dark. The choice is yours…


Tscope June19 1.3

Like is like playing dice: sometimes you’re lucky and you win, and sometimes…You don’t. But often, it’s just a matter of being at the right place at the right time for things to start happening. If you’ve been struggling lately, know that the Wheel of Fortune is turning and that the Norns may well start smiling at you. I’m talking strike of luck and providential help here. But don’t get too cocky, because they won’t like it. Now every gift bestowed has a shadow side. Ask yourself: what will you do with that gift/sudden luck? How well and wisely are you going to use it? Be aware that luck, money and other material/physical things can bring up some ugliness within you and/or your entourage. My advice to you: keep your head cool. Remain true to yourself and to your values. Be thankful for what you’ve been granted and use it well. Then, and only then, will you be able to fully appreciate that luck of yours.

SKULD’S PICK (On the Right) is SOWELU:

Tscope June19 1.4

You, better than anyone, know what is best for you. You have made the conscious choice to leave behind drama, unhappiness, problems, toxic people, ego,…etc. All that stuff that’s been weighing down on you for some time now. Know that you’re not being selfish here. You’re doing the right thing, it’s for your own sake! Now, you may occasionally hear those nasty little voices in your head, plaguing you with “what ifs”, second thoughts, or even a bit of nostalgia. Don’t listen to them! These are your inner demons playing topsy-turvy with your mind. Don’t fall prey to the illusions and delusions provided by your trickster self. Stick to your plan, keep moving forward. You’ll notice that as you are walking that the path starts appearing. Feeling a bit lost? Ask for guidance. Be sure to know what it is that you want in the first place, the Universe is here to help.

Tscope June19 1.5

Thank the Norns and have a good week!

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