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Learning from Chocolate Making Mistakes

Fear not! It wasn’t a disaster! I did however use a little bit too much honey, which was maybe a little bit too long on the stove…So I ended up with chewy caramel-like chocolates. Not quite what I had in mind but not bad….

Hot Chocolate on the Go…(Paleo/AIP Option)

Photo from Sweet Treats …Or as a gift, it’s just brilliant! Fast & easy to prepare…Plus it contains only 4 wholesome ingredients (can’t beat that)! You can take some to work, when camping, when travelling or going on a weekend somewhere…Whenever you fancy. I…

Paleo Chocolates (Dairy, Nut & Cane Sugar Free)

Yesterday I hadĀ prepared theseĀ for the lucky attendees to my Homemade Chocolate Making Class to taste. Rich, chocolaty, the right amount of sweetness (I don’t like super sweet chocolates or treats for that matter), melting in your mouth…And made with fresh ginger & brandied fruits,…