Nine Worlds-Svartalfheim

Last weekend, I exposed some of my work with Helheim. After exposing the possibilities of engaging (shamanically) with the Goddess Hel & her Realm, the attendees were asked to face their deepest fear and find some answers as to how to do some (self) healing work. Most of my work is about enabling others to explore and find their own answers  & do their healing work by providing some solid foundations. I’m still working at expanding the Helheim chapter with more guided meditations, ritual teas & incense blends. Then I’ll create a downloadable PDF that will be then be listed on my shop for those interested.

This weekend we will explore the 2nd Gateway located in Svartalfheim, which is the Realm of Dark Elves & Dwarves. This world is much less intimidating than Helheim but one still needs to be careful when exploring it.

If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.

Sept 10th Forecast

Before we start, please remember that this forecast reading is a general trend that may or may not apply to you specifically. For a personalized reading, feel free to contact me.

This week begins with a cup of green rooibos tea (which tastes a bit like green tea minus the caffeine, and is loaded with minerals…Not to mention that it has medicinal properties) and the rippling effect of Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo. Fall is settling in while the energy of Summer is exiting the scene. With it comes a sense of renewal bathed in practicality. Something may have been lingering all Summer in a corner of your mind, now the idea is becoming clearer an INGUZ is giving it a ‘body’ so to speak as this concept is germinating and slowly manifesting into the physical. There is a sense of awakening that comes with it. Exploration and the widening of your horizon are the keys (while what no longer serves or excites you is vanishing with the last remains of Summer).

As the week progresses, INGUZ evolves into JERA. While you want to get that momentum going, there is no freestyling here but guidelines to follow: for your own safety but also to ensure the success of your new idea/venture. You can’t go full steam without carefully thinking about all aspects of it. Here you are being asked to apply the lessons you have learned from the past (otherwise history is bound to repeat itself and your beautiful dream will disappear as quickly as a mere thought). Consider all the angles, apply knowledge & wisdom, and if needed, find some reliable allies that will support your vision and benefit from it as well (follow your gut on that one).

However, ANSUZ is warning you not to say too much! A/ Because people could steal your idea and make it their own, and B/ they could also use their influence on you, your thoughts and/or project…Which will turn it into something else. So, don’t get too chatty, too excited or too cocky about it. You may well end up getting too distracted to actually walk the talk and do the work. ANSUZ‘s lesson here is that it’s best to apply reserve: you know better than anyone what you want, and where you want to go with your venture. So choose your words wisely and remember that the silence is golden…

Runic Haiku for this Week:

“The seed of novelty will grow on the fertile soil of the learned lessons if wisdom is applied and words kept few.”

Book a Reading

I created an Ansuz Ritual Herbal Smoke which is to be used in a spiritual context. It’s neither psychotropic nor addictive and made with common herbs (and I’d like to remind everybody that the Runes are not for fools or jokers). Ansuz is Odin’s Rune. This herbal blend helps with increasing insight, expanding intuition, deepening wisdom and acquiring knowledge from the Higher Realms. 

So I asked people on Instagram (and I will ask you, dear reader, as well) whether I should create an illustrated downloadable PDF recipe to list on my Etsy shop or if I should just wait to include it to the Ansuz Chapter of my Runic Curriculum-in-writing.

Ansuz Herbal Smoke

Sadly, a few people ‘liked’ the picture but nobody answered my poll. Which proves once and for all (I was hoping that I was wrong) that people don’t read, even if the message is blatantly part of an image and right under your nose.

Which means that the decision will be up to me…

Runic Healing Develop

Within the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will be hosting a Runic Meditation with a group I’ve been teaching for a while. We’ll be working on the material I’m currently developing as part of the ‘Introduction to Runic Healing‘.

If you’d like to join us and be one of my ‘testers’, contact me privately.

BAUM Tree of Life Activation

I finished typing the ‘Tree of Life Activation’, which is going to be part of the Introduction to Runic Healing. I made a short video about it which was a bit difficult to upload and part of it got cut off unfortunately but most of the information is there…

Runic Month Ansuzjpg

Today we enter the Runic month of Ansuz.
As such our inspiration and spirit can be renewed if we are willing to turn inward and tune in to higher consciousness under the guise of Odin, the Allfather.
Since Mercury is still retrograde be mindful of what comes out of your mouth or deal with the consequences.

Rune of the Week - Sowelu Most of us have forgotten that Magic lies all around us and within us as well.

In order to tap into this Universal Magic, we must be willing to pay attention to the little signs (carefully placed or misplaced) amidst our everyday routine.

We have to be willing to listen to and give some credence to the little voice within.

But most importantly, we need to be able to not only acknowledge our desires & dreams but to take them from the dark corners of the imaginative mind to broad daylight where they can become a reality and be blessed under the Sun.

Sowelu/Success is Magic and you are the Witch/Wizard of your own Life. You can create it, destroy it, recreate it or start anew anytime. What Magic Spell you will be chanting is your own choice but be fully aware that this is all real. Then watch the Great Unfolding…

Book a Reading

I’m in the process of creating my own Runic Healing Tradition & Curriculum (based on my personal experience), which combines the Runes (Elder Futhark), European Shamanism, and Folk Herbalism.

Runes have once been used for healing but the tradition was orally transmitted and has been mostly lost. My hope & dream is to be able to bring this Tradition back, and that my work can help and empower others.

I’m a strong proponent of Self-Healing via Knowledge, Intuition, Practice & Self-Mastery, which can be achieved with the help of the Runes.

Uruz Pinterest
Uruz Picture found on Pinterest

Here is the basic outline of the Introduction to Runic Healing that I thought (and my guides as well) was a necessary step prior to introducing each of the Runes in details.

There’s already quite a bit of information in there without being too heavy, but that will give you an idea of what is to come.

I still have to type most of it and I hope the pdf will be ready and uploaded/available on my Etsy shop some time next week (fingers crossed). Whatever extra information popping in my head will have to wait for another chapter…

Introduction to Runic Healing