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The late Gabrielle Roth, creator of 5Rhythms, exhorts us to not just be talking heads who are disconnected from the things that really mean something. With her characteristic enthusiasm for movement, she urges us to retrieve our souls, come home to our own body, and let go of all we’re holding on to through dance.

…Meeting the Spirit of Challenge

I've been drawing almost the exact set of #runes 2 days in a row, and #hagalaz being one of them I knew I needed to pay even closer attention. When I need to do rather deep #innerwork I like to turn to the #shamansoracle. I find it to be a powerful tool and always right on target. And so I drew the #spirit of #challenge: 'I challenge you to look at your life and change it. I challenge you to forge ahead your #path in spite of opposition. I challenge you to look again at tasks that seem insurmountable and to accept the risks you face in trying to accomplish them. I demand the highest degree of #perseverance and #determination you can muster… ' It says it all my friends… Rewards come from perseverance, trusting oneself, tackling obstacles, #selfmastery and pushing one's limits to the edge. Whatever your goals and/or life #purpose may be, live your life to the fullest in accordance with your own ethics and values. #hagal #spiritofchallenge #pagansofinstagram #paganism #shamansofinstagram #shamanism #divination #oracle #treeseer #dowhatmustbedone

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We all have a different view on spirituality and our relationship to the divine. Some people are into worship, some have a more experiential approach while others may be very superstitious.

I have always considered Spirits as allies. They may train you, guide you, teach you, test you, challenge you, protect you…etc, but it’s never a one-way relationship. It’s very possible that some of them might have an agenda. But in a relationship, there is no hierarchy, no sense of ‘I’m in charge and you just follow’, it’s more like a trade-off: I do something for you & your spiritual growth/path and you do something for me/us. Most of the time (at least in my case) the other part of the ‘deal’ is not verbalized, but I am aware of doing some of the work while sleeping (even if I can’t remember it), just like I am when I do readings or heal people. I dwell on the threshold…

I’d like to let everyone know that I offer my services as a professional psychic reader for parties ranging from birthdays to bridal showers, weddings…and more!

Of course, my area of expertise is & remains the Runes, but I also do the Tarot, oracle cards, and the pendulum.

If you live in the southwest of Los Angeles (aka South Bay or Beach Cities), please feel free to contact me regarding your event (my email address is deerzenseer@gmail.com).

If you’d like to meet me in person first and get a feel for what I do, I will be at the Metaphysical Meetup hosted by the Garden of Grace, Intention & Wellness (in Lomita, CA) on June 3rd. There I will be doing Runic readings as well as shamanic egg cleansings. I will also be introducing some of my work with the Runes & offering a Runic meditation. Hopefully, I will be able to bring some of my incenses as well.

Party Psychic

Feel free to drop me a line below regarding questions or requests ;).

Last weekend as I was teaching my Runic Meditation on Laguz, I was already thinking about which plant I would be working with for this Saturday’s class about Laguz’s medicine (which focuses on the healing qualities of the Rune from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective – I also like to weave in my personal experience with energy work & finish the class with a divination), and Willow came to mind. Laguz meaning ‘water’ it was a logical thing to pick up a water-related plant. And I didn’t give any more thought it until a couple days ago.

I decided to go for a local hike in order to harvest some wild plants (I had promised some black sage to a friend in Kentucky and I’m a woman of my word so…). It was a warm, sunny day and I pretty much had the whole trail to myself – it was so peaceful there and I felt like a little girl in a candy store, checking all the different plants currently thriving on the trail while remaining very reasonable.

Besides black sage, I also picked some wild sunflowers, a few stems of California mugwort and I felt drawn to get a branch of willow (I think it might be a type of Pacific willow but I’m not a 100% sure yet). Willow bark is what is usually used for medicine but I figured that maybe I could do something with the leaves as well, at the very least dry them for incense making.

Today, reading on the plant’s lore, I read that the willow is not only a plant linked to the water element, but to the moon as well (which makes sense since the leaves were a bit whitish under). BUT what is the most interesting to me is that it’s also a plant strongly linked to the Underworld and the ‘Veiled One’ aka the Dark Goddess…Everything always seems to lead me back to her, which is perfectly fine with me ;).

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Spiral Medicines, The Prehistory Spiral Path to bring down the Moon of Dreaming Medicines © Student and Apprenticeships with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – My student work (pre-apprenticeships) are the ancient spiral medicines for the emotional body, the soul bodies (soul and spirit) and animism souls under the practices of self healing and self awareness. Regardless of what one has walked up until now, I offer an intro six month sessions, a “once-a-month” personal session with homework in-between to touch self awareness through self healing and self disciplines in the spiritual path of groundedness and common sense that is incorporated into your real life. 

This work is an ancient prehistory lunar and matriarchal tradition (before any grandfather teaching). Spiral disciplines are divided into four distinct parts and each have three layers and levels as a living devotional practice for self healing. Some people work with me to ground or stabilize their life, or push through where they are…

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