Announcing the Near Death of this Blog

I know it is in complete opposition to the expansive energy of the Spring but this blog has not evolved the way I was hoping it would.

Besides I am & have been more active on social media, therefore, if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to follow me on Facebook: and/or Instagram:

My dream was to create a Runic Curriculum in which I was blending my knowledge & understanding of the Runes, along with Herbalism & Shamanism. I decided to take things further with the creation of an online school. There will be some written courses, video classes & tutorials as well. I’m also hoping for actual workshops in the future as well.

Meanwhile, the information that was shared here remains available to you, dear reader.

LifRunar Courses





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Volva/Seer, Visionary Artist, Shamanic Folk Herbalist, Runic Alchemist, Aspiring Poet, Botanical Incense Artisan, French/European Shaman, Seeker of Mysteries...

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