Eihwaz Medicine (Runic Healing) – PART 2 with a Guided Meditation

dandelion eihwaz2

This post is the natural continuation of the previous post, in which I was introducing Dandelion as a plant of Eihwaz (you can read it HERE).

This 2nd part consists of a guided meditation/shamanic journey. I do recommend that you do it in a comfortable position, a relaxed state of mind & in a quiet place. You will need a notepad and a pen because there will be times in the meditation during which you will need to obtain some information that will be relevant to you. It’s also helpful to take notes of any additional sensations or details you might recall (memories do fade over time).

Last but not least, you will have to prepare a cup of (roasted) dandelion root tea (also known as dandelion coffee) to help ground yourself, connect energetically and simulate the brew that you will be drinking in the meditation (you can drink as you do it). It is not an absolute necessity but it is highly recommended.

Note to those who don’t know me: I’m a French woman, therefore, you will hear my accent. It has never prevented me to teach meditation in person. If you have trouble understanding what I am saying, feel free to play the part(s) you don’t understand again.


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