Runes, the Cosmos & the Dreamtime

Rune secrets

“…By singing the runes you can connect to the primordial forces of the cosmos, you can vibrate in resonance with everything else and with the primordial power of the cosmos. In that way you can say that the runes are sound. And because sound is created by the primordial wind, the holy wind, ond, the runes are also wind, spirit.

By singing the runes you attune yourself to the cosmic web, to Urd‘s web, thereby receiving the knowledge and power of the Dreamtime by going into the creative process emanating from Ginnungagap. This is a way to transform yourself and the world through connecting to the intelligence field of Mother Earth, which contains the memories of those “distant times”. By singing the runes you overcome the gap between yourself and the sacred, tuning into the sacred, in fact, becoming sacred, whole, healed…”

From ‘Rune Magic & Shamanism’ by Jorgen I Eriksson

NB: I have experienced the healing and the ‘becoming whole’, this is why I am so passionate about sharing what I know on this topic with others…


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