Month: July 2018

Nine Worlds – Nine Chakras

I’m finalizing the ‘Nine Inner Worlds’ Guided Meditation & Chakra Activation, which is part of my Runic Healing Curriculum. The downloadable pdf should be on my Etsy Shop some time next week. I will also be developing some Ritual Teas for each of the 9 Worlds to help with the (re)connection and enable magical &…

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On Finding & Adapting One’s Natural Rhythm

Something that was started must be brought to completion, no matter the distractions, the obstacles and the setbacks on the path. The key to reaching one’s goal without strain on the mind, body or spirit is to follow one’s own natural rhythm and adapt accordingly to the situation. ‘Natural rhythm is the ability to sustain the right momentum despite changes and pauses in the environment. ‘

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Reality in a more than Human World

The belief in another reality involving non-human beings doesn’t stem from superstition or old wives tales (though myths and mythologies evolve over time) but from genuine shamanic experience. The solution to the current environmental crisis can’t be only rooted in the physical: a spiritual reconnection needs to occur as well.  

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