Lady’s Mantle/Alchemille: There’s no such Thing as a Coincidence

Several years ago, I had a small business selling artisan tea blends (still have tons of recipes that I need to compile into a book somehow). And the name I chose for my business was Alchemille’s Garden. I knew back then that Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris) was a ladies’ herb and that the alchemists used to collect dew drops on the plant’s leaves for their concoctions (hence the name).

This morning I was flipping through Raven’s Kaldera’s Northern Shamanic Herbal when I stumbled upon Lady’s Mantle, and learned a new tidbit about the magical uses of this plant:

“A protective herb for women who are nurturing sorts and are being taken advantage of or abused.”

Plants and animals don’t enter our lives just by chance, there’s really no such thing as a coincidence…


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